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Dear Friends, partners and friendly suppliers,
Welcome you to visit our website, we sincerely hope you can know us, understand us, and pay attention to us through the internet. DELTA develop stably and expand scale since founded in 2004, it depends on the concerns and supports of all customers, also the joint efforts of our staffs. Here I would like to thank you and wish you all the best on behalf of DELTA. Also, appreciate the concerns and supports from our friends.
Our products quality and warm service attitude is tested by market. In today's rapid development of market economy, the increasingly fierce competition in the market situation, we will, as always, strengthen quality management, improve the production process, realizes production process quality control system, to provide customers satisfactory products and services. Internet rapid spread provides a more favorable environment for global economic integration, as well as creating a new opportunity of development for many industries.
Especially after China's accession to the WTO, with the strengthening of foreign trade, we enjoy the opportunity of developing future broader international market. For this, we will make full use of the new network media, to understand the country and the world of new technologies, new ideas, new development, new dynamic, comprehensive display the image of our enterprise and products, strengthen technological exchanges, promote trade and economic cooperation, actively expand domestic and foreign markets, efforts to improve the economic benefit, make the enterprise scale growing and be stronger.
Reviewing the past, we feel proud of is: provide customers satisfactory products. Looking forward to the future, we have full of confidence and strength to our future, and the determination to continue to maintain and promote the spirit of hard work, perseverance to climb the new peak of DELTA’s development. We believe: only look to the society as a whole, will succeed; Only dedicated to customer, the company has future.
I hope you pay attention to our website frequently, mutual understanding and communication, promote cooperation with each other! Finally, I once again led all staff of DELTA, wish the broad masses of old and new customers, friends healthy body, all the best!
Let us hand in hand and win-win, altogether create happy tomorrow!
Have a good day!
Taicang DELTA Precision Tools Inc.
William Chen/General manager of DELTA
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