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Taicang DELTA precision is dedicated to solve equipment critical parts manufacturing problems (axis / micro hole/ hydraulic parts) for customers, the parts are applied in precision equipment, medical instrument, high-speed railway, aerospace and other fields, the precision machining technology was awarded a number of patents. Specific parts are valve seat, nozzle, various of precision axle, the spool valve sets, jet pipe, receiver, dispensing head and medical precise equipment. In 2015, DELTA won a certificate of high-tech enterprises issued by Jiangsu provincial science and Technology Department, as well as Jiangsu province private technology enterprise. Delta also has ISO/TS16949 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system certification, with more than 10 years of precision machining experience, is a well organized factory.

DELTA attaches great importance to product quality, advocate the craftsman’s spirit of the production of good quality products, continuous improvement, improves the level of product quality. DELTA is expected to improve the quality management level and ultra precision machining technology experience and knowledge, to meet the needs of different professional fields at domestic and abroad with high precision parts. DELTA will continue to improve themselves, to establish long-term partnership with clients, develop and grow up together. Special thanks to whom accompanied with DELTA so many years, such as Mr. Zou, Mr. Huang, Miss Ling, Mr. Ming, Mr. Cai, Mr. Jiang, Miss Tang, Mr. Liu, Mr. Zhao, Miss Tao, Mr. Xu, Mr. Lee, Tom, Erik, Robert, Frank, Martino, Pete, Antonio... Glad to meet you and a lot of future partners. We look forward to your acquaintance.

Dedicate to solve manufacturing problem of machinery critical part parts
Company Values:
1. Thanksgiving customers long-term cooperation and support; Thanksgiving founder Chen Xiangui, founded DELTA platform; employee's gratitude walk hand in hand; Thanksgiving suppliers long-term cooperation; Thanksgiving national economic development policy.
2. Responsibility providing high quality products and services to clients is the responsibility of each Delta people, do a good daily job is Delta people’s responsibility; Formulate the company strategy, grasp the lifeblood of company's development is the responsibility of the Delta management.
3 Integrity  Business integrity, fair trade

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